Geek Girl Con panel photos totally waiting for LOLCAT captions

Jen from Pink Light ImagesThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them just sent me a few photos she took at the Offbeat Empire panel at Geek Girl Con, and some of them are soooo waiting to be captioned that I can't resist sharing them. Feel free to use your favorite LOLcat generator to have your way with these:

  1. so where will they be posted when they are LOLcatted? LOL!!! the flickr? LOL!!!!

    • i love that this is now on your "about us" page! HAHHAH! best LOLCAT evah.

  2. AHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg. i love that. Dee LEETuous. I really needs to do one…just gotta think up something.

  3. I'm seeing some kind of "balls" joke in very last photo, but I just can't think of it.

  4. AHHHHHH I'm on writing deadline so tomorrow? I CAPTION.

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