A peek into the Empire's stats: where are our readers?

By on Sep 16th

This pie counts Offbeat Bride traffic specifically, but reflects the percentages for all Empire sites.

I got a question recently about what the Empire's international reach was like, and figured I'd share a glimpse at our global readership. If the image is hard to read, here's the basic breakdown of readership across all Empire sites:

  • Over 70% USA
  • ~7% each, Canada and UK/Ireland
  • ~5% Australia & New Zealand combined

Despite the fact that over 70% of Empire readers are in the United States, our international readers are VERY vocal and get extremely peeved when they feel the sites don't acknowledge their presence. (Then again, the same thing could be said of many slices of the Empire's readership — we have a lot of special snowflakes!)

Two Empire staffers are from Canada, including our copyeditor, so I like to think we do a half-way decent job of watching out for US-centric language and references. My editors have learned to always provide context for cultural references like old TV shows, and always apologize when linking Hulu.com (which doesn't stream videos internationally). Offbeat Home's managing editor Cat Rocketship recently learned that "jobbie" has a different meaning in Scottland than it does in the US. We make a pretty strong effort to have global content on all three sites, although we're probably the best at doing this on Offbeat Bride, where we have categories for both Canadian weddings as well as Global weddings.

It's interesting to see the responses that international advertisers get. Yes, there are way less Offbeat Bride readers in Australia… but they're all so sick of seeing US-based sponsors that when they finally see Australian vendors on the site, there tends to be some SERIOUS pouncing.