My favorite business tools

By on Aug 18th

As a web publisher, I suppose it makes sense that all of my business tools are web-based applications. Here's an overview of the tools I use to help me run the Empire:

  • Bookkeeping: (Outright is simple and awesome and the PayPal integration makes it a breeze for me. I have an accountant now, but thanks to Outright, he told me that my 2009 and 2010 books were in great shape, which made me stupidly proud. My one caution about Outright is that their estimations of quarterly taxes were way off for me — I paid twice as much as I owed in 2010!)
  • Email, IM, calendar, documents, etc: Google Apps (Duh. Google owns the Empire, basically.)
  • Project management: Basecamp (Great for managing lots of people doing lots of different things. My web dev and I live and die by the "ticky boxes" of Basecamp's To Do lists, and there's no quicker way for a staffer they're in trouble than a list of overdue milestones.)
  • Time management: RescueTime (Tracks my computer usage so I can see when I'm working too much and when I'm fucking off too much.)
  • Almost all payments: PayPal (Tip: there are different membership levels! If you're a business user, you have to request your business account, which comes with a lower fee rate. Nice of them to make that clear — *eye roll*)
  • Analytics: Google Analytics (general), Piwik (for outclicks), Chartbeat (for real-time hotness)