How to get an avatar to appear with your Offbeat Empire comments

By on Mar 10th

If you want a little avatar to show up with your comments any Offbeat Empire blog (and millions of other websites), here's where you set it up: GRAVATAR!

Gravatar lets you tie an avatar image to your email addresses, so that when you comment on any of the bazillions of blogs that use the service, your avatar will automagically show. Here's how it works:

  1. Take two minutes to register for Gravatar.
  2. Leave a comment on an Empire blog using the email you used with Gravatar, and we'll see your face when you comment.

Added bonus: when you mouse over someone's Gravatar in our comments, you can learn more about them!

I don't have time to provide a ton of tech support for using Gravatar, but it's super easy and they have great tech support. So register with them, and then leave a comment below to see if it's working for you. :)

PS: I totally get that it's weird that Offbeat Bride Tribe members have to set up their avatar separately for the Offbeat Bride blog. We're exploring ways to make it more seamless, but at this point I can't afford the developer resources it would take to make that work… so there's this tiny extra step! (Silver lining: setting up a gravatar will get you an avatar on millions of blogs — not just ours!)