How I do wireframes

So I mentioned I'm going to be launching a brand landing page at I did the wireframe today, and for those of you are like "How does she doooooo it?," here's my web dev process:

Step 1: Wireframe new website

Step 2: Wave arms around and wail "somebody do this!"
Step 3: ???
Step 4: PROFIT!

  1. That rings so true. I'm working with a design company that is building a new website for my company and that is how I start every phase of the project.

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  2. Step 3: Becca does it.
    Step 3b: JMDodd creates this lovely wordpress site instead.


    Step 5: WORLD DOMINATION!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Naw, that launch page was EXACTLY what I asked for … it wasn't until 6mo down the line when we had the WPMU install that it was easy to do *waves wand* THIS!

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